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284 Oak Avenue, Ferndale Randburg, Johannesburg 2194 South Africa


1. AACA (Pty) Ltd (“AACA” or “African Academy of Cinematic Arts” or “we” or “us”) is an academy that trains in Film, Television production, Screen acting, other cinematic studies and related products and services. CIPC Registration No: K2017091479.
2. AACA operates under the accreditation license from MICT SETA: Accreditation no: ACC/2017/07/0062
3. Our registered office is Unit 127 Market-Up, 10 Van Beek street Maboneng Johannesburg.
4. Contact us using the contact details provided on our website at
5. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions without notice. Our latest terms and conditions are on our website.
6. Your use of our website to book a student crew or cast or related products and services signifies your agreement to these terms and conditions. They constitute a contract between you and us. If you are a consumer your statutory rights are not affected by this agreement.
7. Companies or individual intending to book an AACA student crew or cast, acknowledges that these students are not experience or experts or industry level competent. You acknowledge that AACA releases these students to work as part of their learning experience. You also acknowledge that the money paid to these student is a stipend and not necessarily professional rate.
8. Any company booking an AACA student crew/s or actor/s do so at own risk.
9. Student crew or cast members are to be paid through AACA before the student crew or cast will released to work on your project.
10. AACA cannot guarantee how these students will behave or perform.
11. AACA is indemnified of any loss or damage of property, film equipment, by a student or students on location or anywhere or for that matter.
12. Crew who are introduced to a company via AACA will be booked on all subsequent jobs via AACA and not directly.
13. Student crew and cast members are to be paid through AACA and not directly.
• Postponement of a shoot means the postponement of a confirmed shoot to a later date as advised by the producer, AACA should be notified in writing of such as we may need to liaise with the Dean of academics in respect to the students’ academic time table.
15. AACA will not be held liable for loss, damage or expense suffered or incurred, subsequent to the introduction of a candidate.
16. Whilst assigned to the company, the student crew or cast member will be the responsibility of that company, who shall be deemed to be the employer of said student crew or cast member.
17. AACA should be notified directly upon termination of employment of one of it’s student crew or cast members.
18. These terms and conditions apply to all customers/clients of AACA.